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Terrain Based Learning

Beginner Lesson Programs

Brian Head Resort and our team of highly qualified instructors are dedicated to providing you with the best beginner lesson programs in the country. From the equipment we provide you with to the terrain within our Learning Center, everything about your lesson experience has been specifically designed to ensure your success and enjoyment. Our instructors will have you up and making your first turns from day one and will help you to build the fundamental skills for a lifetime of on-snow fun.

The Terrain Based Learning™ Method

Terrain Based Learning has been widely recognized as a game-changing revolution within the snow industry and has been adopted by some of the best ski schools in the country. We are proud to be offering the award-winning Terrain Based Learning method here at Brian Head Resort.

What is Terrain Based Learning? Simply put… Terrain Based Learning makes learning to ski or snowboard easier and more fun. By using specifically shaped snow features to naturally control your speed and body position Terrain Based Learning removes the traditional fears and anxieties associated with your first time sliding on snow, allowing you to focus purely on the fun! Using Terrain Based Learning we’ve simplified the process of learning to ski or snowboard down to five simple steps…


Step 1 – The Flats:

In the Flats you’ll meet your instructor and fellow lesson participants. Here’s where you’ll get familiar with your equipment and the basic ranges of motion needed for your time on snow.


Step 2 – The Mini-Pipe:

In the Mini-Pipe you’ll get your first experience with sliding on snow. Here’s where you’ll learn to pump the terrain, steer and slide forward and backwards.


  Step 3 – The Rollers: The Rollers are where you’ll get your first taste of what it’s like to experience the thrills of gravity. Here’s where you will gain confidence in sliding downhill while the gently rolling terrain helps to naturally control your speed.
  Step 4 – The Banked Turns: Now you’re ready for your first turns. The subtle banking of these turns will gently help to redirect your skis or board through your first series of turns.

Step 5 – The Perfect Slope: After mastering the Banked Turns you’re ready to put it all together for yourself. On the Perfect Slope you’re in control. Here you’ll make your first unassisted turns and build the skills and confidence needed to head up the mountain to our Green terrain.


  Welcome to the club! Skiing and snowboarding can offer you a lifetime of fun and memories. Our professional, dedicated instructors are waiting to assist you on your snow sliding journey.